Montechiaro, small fraction of the municipality of Vico Equense, is a rare pearl set in the green of the nature, suspended in between the blue of the sea and the azure of the sky. 

The olive trees flamk the small road made from the old mule track which has connected through the centuries Sorrento with Vico Equense.

The fraction of Montechiaro, which derives from “chiaro monte” (clear mount), still nowadays devotes itself to the cultivation of the olive trees and like longtime ago carries on the tradition of the oil D.O.P. another pride of the Peninsula of Sorrento.

From the hill of Montechiaro the view of the Peninsula is unique and suggestive, especially during the hot summer days, when the orange of the sunset gives a gold color to the sea and the same shades of color to the olive trees.

No poem could overshadow the beauty of a clear summer evening in Sorrento.

Elizabeth Gilbert