One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if you have not eaten well


passion and innovation live in the gastronomy of the restaurant “At the Patriarca”.

For us the food or much better the act of “cooking” is a real love gesture for oneself and for the customers.

The laid table for us is emotion, it’s a mix of simple elements that want to give moments of happiness, it means to evoke sensations, to retrieve passions, smiles that male your heart beat faster, it’s an experience, a journey between knowledge and flavors.

Our philosophy consists in using products that arrive directly from our vegetable garden to the table following the seasonality. Then we offer a careful selection of fresh meats and fish, local products such as cheeses. Each dish is seasoned and cooked with Ferraro oil.

Everything is aimed at tradition, at grandma’s recipes, from the meat ball to the ragout cooked for longtime and over low heat in the pans, to the typical cakes, everything as longtime ago but with an innovation revealed since the presentation of the dish itself.

We want to make your palate revive authentic flavors, prepared with emotion and respect, and present them in a young and fresh way.

Who chooses us is because he knows he feels at home, he knows it’s worth waiting to taste our dish.We hope that a dinner or a lunch with us will be unique so as not to remain just a simple memory but to become an experience of life and gluttony.

You always cook thinking about someone, otherwise you are just preparing food.


What our customers think of us