Tradition, passion and love the magical ingredients that give life to the project “Dal Patriarca


In this corner of paradise begins also the story about Nicola Ferraro and the ancient family oil mill, That oil mill which has come to life in the sight of granddad Nicola and his son Vincenzo, father in his turn of Nicola, at the beginning of the Fifties,

Strong is the bond among Nicola, his Montechiaro and his father……… but stronger is the bond between Nicola and the oil production. An art that he carried on through the years with passion appreciating always its fruit, the oil, that he himself defined “the gold from nature”.

Sterting from the deep love for his oil mill, Nicola together with his wife Pia at a fixed moment decides to offer to his own guests the opportunity of tasting the oil DOP through typical local specialities.

So gradually with new awaremess, in 2008 a new challenge made of many sacrifices started. Nicola and Pia decided to add to the family oil mill a “living room” in the green where one could breathe love, tradition, joviality, inspiration and conviviality, like a real extension of the Ferraro’s house.

A suggestive place, immersed in the green, where the first sensation you have is to feel welcomed at home and to breath the nature deeply. This is the soul of staying At the Patriarca Montechiaro.

No poem could overshadow the beauty of a clear summer evening in Sorrento.

Elizabeth Gilbert

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