Here are some beautiful fields with olive trees with silver gray leaves, like clipped willows. I never get tired of the blue sky.
Vincent Van Gogh

The DOP oil Peninsula of Sorrento

What does it mean DOP? It’s short for Denomination of Protected Origin . 

It’s the most known and utilised abbreviation while talking about typical products and it’s officially recognized and shared at European level. 

The Peninsula of Sorrento is known for its DOP extra virgin olive oil, the same oil produced and then sold by the Ferraro oil mill. The DOP oil Peninsula of Sorrento derives from the pressing of the olives Ogliarola or Minucciola (known in literature also as “Olive tree for oil “ ), for not less than 65%. Rotondella, Frantoio or Leccino, alone or together, to an extent not exceeding 35%. 

It’s possible also the presence of other varieties for a maximum of 20% of the total. 

At first sight this oil has a straw yellow color with greenish reflections. 

On the olfactory examination it reveals a remarkable aromatic harmony , with a fruity hint of olive and pleasant tastes of aromatic herbs (especially rosemary and mint ). 

The taste is decidedly sweet with some notes of spicy-bitter. It’s fluid, balancedand with spicy shades. It has got a clean aftertaste, of green and fresh almond. 

The acidity never exceeds the value of 0,80%.

The bitter and the spicy in the right gradations mix perfectly ensuring the right balance to the oil. 

The Mediterranean smells of rosemary are exalted in combination with the tomato and the dishes based on it. Very good on grilled fish and vegetables. 

Original and particularly suitable for salads and first courses.

You should learn from olive trees to let yourself be shaped by the wind without losing your character.
(Fabrizio Caramagna)

Niccolò Tommaseo

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