There are trips in which the only baggage to carry is the heart.

Why this corner of paradise is called by the “dal Patriarca”

But why the name “At the Patriarca “?

The name reveals a story of affection and complicity between Nicola and his cousin Ciro, a story that must be told because unfortunately neither Ciro nor Nicola are still alive. But then as today anyone who listens to it will laugh.

On the occasion of his 50 years Nicola organizes with Pia and his sons his birthday party in the garden of the Ferraro house inviting friends and relatives, among which his affectionate cousin Ciro, man with a great artistic soul. The music, painting and writing were his inseparable travel companions, but Ciro was also a great playful self-proclaimed animator of Nicola’s parties since ever,

50 years is an important milestone and for Ciro this required a joke up to the situation and above all that everybody could remember.

When it was time to cut the cake in presence of all the guests Ciro appeared carrying with him a tunic and a stick. Taking advantage of the general attention he crowned Nicola with a ritual formula proclaiming him officially “ the Patriarch of Montechiaro “.

It’s from here that everything began, The garden of Pia and Nicola, place of family parties follows its destiny and becomes the restaurant “At the Patriarca”.

For Nicola his restaurant is not a place for the body but for the soul. Every stone, every object, every flower tells his story, the way how he lives the family, his values, his strong traditions and even those who have not known him revive the pleasure of his welcoming smile that always makes everybody feel at home,

Affection opens the mind and makes minds bright.

Niccolò Tommaseo

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