We want to create an idyllic atmosphere for your shabby chic wedding with a romantic-retro atmosphere of the past.

We are in love with the “simplicity of love”

The Patriarca Montechiaro is the perfect location and especially unconventional if you love the idea of a shabby chic wedding.

The shabby chic is not only a style but a real philosophy of ecological and sustainable life based on the recycling and reuse of different objects and materials for this reason adopted by many people loving the nature.

The green garden of our restaurant, an oasis overlooking the blue sea is the ideal place for a wedding that wants to be very tasteful but without forgetting the respect for the environment.

Let elements like wood, porcelain and wrought iron confuse among the bright and lively shades of the flowers: red, orange, yellow, pink, white

…..At the Patriarca Montechiaro we have a manic attention for each small detail and here nothing is left to chance, from the choice of the materials to be used, to the colors to match, from the selection of the flowers for the preparation to the decorations of the location and the details of the wedding cake.

The combination of all these elements creates a style that gives a strong refined and enveloping scenic impact.

For your shabby chic wedding we want to create a particularly ethereal and idyllic atmosphere that can make you relive wonderful romantic past times.

For a dream green wedding!

Not only weddings but also baptisms, first communions, birthday parties, silver/gold weddings, graduation parties and much more.

At the Patriarca Montechiaro is the ideal place for each kind of celebrations.

We are always fully available to listen to your needs and to give you your dream party , exactly as you imagine it.

Our location, with the green lawn and the colorful flowers, with the breathtaking view and the breeze rising from the sea, is suitable to any event: romantic, cheerful, lively, elegant, themed.

The crown jewel of your receptions will be then the excellent dishes prepared in our kitchen accompanied by the kindness and welcome of our staff.

It will be like feeling at home !

Affection opens your mind and makes your mind bright.

Niccolò Tommaseo

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