One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if you have not eaten well


Tradition, authenticity, passion and innovation live in the kitchen of the Dal Patriarca restaurant. For us, the kitchen, or better yet the act of “cooking”, is a gesture of true love for oneself and the guests. For us, the table is emotion, it is a mix of simple elements that want to give moments of happiness, it is to evoke sensations, recall passions, smiles that make your heart beat, it is an experience, a journey of knowledge and flavors. Things that taste good always have an aura of mystery. like grandma’s recipe: you never know what the secret ingredient is ..

La montanara

The montanara (known from someone as fried pizza )is an endless emotion for the eyes and the taste, a recipe made of simple ingredients having its roots in ancient times and in the neapolitan tradition. 

The name would derive from the farmers who came from the mountain, the “mountaineers”, exactly who used to eat during the lunch break sandwiches stuffed with tomato, basil and cheese. Also Vittorio De Sica in his film L’oro di Napoli (The gold of Naples) decided to pay homage to the montanare: who prepared them in a scene from the film is the icon actress of the city, Sofia Loren. 

Nowadays this historical dish and neapolitan pride arrives on the tables of the restaurant At the Patriarca without loosing its veracity. 

Flour, yeast,water, salt, fresh tomato, fragrant basil and Parmigiano Reggiano: few ingredients give life to a masterpiece to be savored. 

Our particularity? Here the montanare are fried only in extra virgin olive oil from the Ferraro oil mill to give an even more genuine and authentic flavor. 

Once tasted it will be inevitable to want more.


Pacchero (noodles ) from Gragnano with eggplants from the vegetable garden and Provolone del Monaco

When the fresh tomatoes meet the fried eggplants sauteed with garlic and parsley to then embrace the Provolone del Monaco and bind to the noodles “pacchero” of Gragnano there isn’t any competition.

A dish where love and passion are the main ingredients, a dish celebrating the nature and its gifts.

At the Patriarca Montechiaro the preparation of this dish starts from the family vegetable garden , where the vegetables are very well cared and then picked.

From the land directly to the table, “zero metre”.

The procedure is simple but with a spectacular effect: the fresh small tomatoes are cooked in the frying-pan with the garlic, while the eggplants are fried in the frying -pan with extra virgin olive oil from the Ferraro oil mill and garlic, when they are ready everything is amalgamated to the paccheri.

Once the noodles are on the serving plate sprinkle with fresh basil and finally add a good handful of the main ingredient: the Provolone del Monaco.

This cheese is one of the many excellences of the Peninsula of Sorrento and its name too hids an ancient story.

“Provolone del Monaco” refers to the fact that the cheese makers who many years ago disembarked at dawn in the port of Naples with their load of provolone cheeses coming from the different areas of the Peninsula, in order to protect themselves from the cold were used to cover themselves with a linen cloak similar to the habit worn by the monks.

Once arrived in Naples people working at the market started to call these farmers monks (monaci) and therefore the cheese that they carried became Provolone del Monaco. 

What are you waiting for ? Try them.

Meatballs of the tradition

Tasty, genuine, colored and deliciously fragrant.

At the Patriarca Montechiaro the traditional meatballs such as our grandmams used to prepare them are an institution.

A unique dish special with a good deal of love for giving to our customers an inimitable experience.

To prepare them just take some ground meat of a very high quality, add some slightly wet bread, eggs, Parmigiano Reggiano, and finally pine nuts and raisins.

Once you have fried the meatballs always and just in extra virgin olive oil from the Ferraro oil mill, the meatballs are tossed in a tasty sauce of fresh tomatoes from our vegetable garden that is perfect for the indispensable bread-dipping “scarpetta”.

The Neapolitan grandmams loved and love still nowadays to prepare them for their beloved relatives on Sundays: a real act of passion that we propose for our guests. And for a complete travel in taste and tradition the meatballs can be accompanied with delicious golden French fries always in extra virgin olive oil.

An experience to be remembered !

Saint Antonino cream cake

The cream and sour cherries cake also known as grandmam’s cake is a symbol of the Peninsula of Sorrento. 

In our restaurant At the Patriarca Montechiaro we serve it everyday to give the possibility to our gourmet guests to dip in the authentic taste of tradition. 

This particular cake represents an exploit of flavors and sweetness, a chance encounter btween white custard, chocolate cream and the freshness of the sour cherries in syrup. 

The whole inside of the classical pie crust made of flour, butter, milk, eggs. 

An ode to the taste that lies behind the simplest and most genuine things, that if savoured in front of a magical view such as ours acquire an extra value!

You always cook thinking about someone, otherwise you are just preparing food.